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A trusted friend: Smitty’s WILL do a good job on your vehicle. >

Your friend Smitty understands that your vehicle is an important investment. Whether it’s routine maintenance, repairs or collision damage, our comprehensive services are designed to protect your vehicle and maintain its value.

Owners Bob Smith and Sam Wood take a hands-on approach to providing customers with quality service and repairs. You will often find them chatting with customers or overseeing repairs.

Smitty’s is equipped with the most current equipment and the mechanics have the most up-to-date training to repair all makes and models of vehicles. If you’re visiting Smitty’s because of an accident, we will work with your insurance to make sure all the work we do is covered by your specific plan.

What’s the deal? What if Smitty’s isn’t on the list of repair facilities your insurance company gave you? >

Insurance companies work with what’s called a direct referral program. It’s supposed to help consumers, help shops, and help control costs to the insurance company. But the law in Pennsylvania allows you to choose where your car is repaired. That means you are free to pick any repair facility of your choice, even if it’s not on the list of “preferred” shops.

The best thing to do is choose your collision repair based on reputation and trust. Smitty’s works with all insurances – even when we aren’t on your insurance’s repair shop list. It’s our job to make the process easier and certainly make sure there are no additional cost other than the deductible.

Give me three estimates, Mister. >

You’ve had an accident. You’re inconvenienced. Stressed out. The last thing you want to deal with is getting three estimates. Well, don’t fret because things have changed.

Now, while getting three estimates is an old practice that is still in circulation, it’s one whose time has come to an end. Since Pennsylvania state law allows you to choose where you get your car repaired you do not have to get more than a single estimate from the shop of your choice.

Smitty’s makes getting a single repair estimate is easy. Especially since you don’t have to drive around or coordinate with multiple repair shops. Your friend Smitty inspects your vehicle, submits the paperwork, and deals directly with your insurance company to make sure all we recover all of the costs that are covered according to your plan.

What’s the Deal? It looks like my frame is damaged. Does that mean my car is totaled? >

Severe accidents can result in damage to the vehicle’s frame. But frame damage doesn’t always mean a car is totaled. To determine whether a vehicle is totaled, insurance companies compare the cost to repair the vehicle to what it’s worth. Most insurance companies will total a vehicle if the cost to repair is in the range of 70-90% of what it’s actually worth.

Frame damage can compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle so it’s important that it’s repaired properly. Smitty’s modern equipment and extensive training allows your vehicle’s frame to be repaired or replaced while maintaining the vehicle’s original safety standards. To do that, sometimes the engine, transmission and suspension components need to be removed and replaced. Smitty’s technicians have had specialized training to make sure it’s done right.

So while you may think you car is totaled, that determination can’t be made until the estimate is submitted to your insurance company. After all, the process is set up to get you back to driving your car, not to force you into buying a new one.

To market to market. Does Smitty’s use aftermarket parts? >

In an attempt to control costs, the practice of installing aftermarket parts was adopted. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you should certainly know what you’re getting.

An aftermarket part is any replacement part not made by vehicle’s manufacturer. Most insurances companies encourage and/or require the use of an aftermarket parts. While aftermarket parts function the same and in some cases even better than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part - we always get our customer’s approval before making the repair.

The bad part of aftermarket parts is unwittingly substituting a cheaper part when the customer thinks they are getting an OEM. Your friend Smitty believes that if the integrity of the vehicle and your safety isn’t compromised, and a less expensive part can be used, then it’s in everyone’s best interest to do so.

Can I get a lift? Towing your vehicle after an accident. >

When you need assistance moving your car from the scene of an accident, you should call your friend Smitty! Smitty’s offers 24-hour towing service and we will work with your insurance to make sure it’s covered. If you’re a AAA member, you can opt to use their towing service, but you should be sure to request that your vehicle be towed to Smitty’s in Palmer Township, otherwise it could get towed to a local AAA towing facility and then you’ll have to pay to have it moved from there.

What we recommend is to keep our information in your glove box. That makes it easy to get to when you need it!

Rent after a dent. What can you drive when your vehicle is being repaired? >

Getting a rental car after an accident is a BIG help, but it isn’t automatic. Sometimes, your insurance coverage grants an allowance for a rental car and sometimes it doesn’t.

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